Safety Rules for use of Heavy Equipments
These rules are set for the Operators/Drivers while operating heavy equipments.
1. Operators must Possess adequate equipment Driving License from UAE authorities.
2. Operators must be well trained, qualified and possess Third Party Safety Certificate of Competency.
3. Equipment should be properly registered with concerned authorities and the equipment must be with Third Party Safety Certificate for Safe Operation of the equipment and the equipment should meet with all safety requirements for warning lights, reverse horn, fire extinguisher etc.
4. Operator must never jump out of equipment instead use the safe three point contact when getting on or off the equipment to prevent falls.
5. Operators should immediately report to the concern supervisor for any breakdowns, mechanical issues and any hazards or dangers in the working area.
6. Equipments should not be used while personnel are carrying out maintenance work on it.
7. Maintenance to be carried out only at designated areas with the exception of major breakdowns but enough care and measures to be taken out to prevent blockage of construction works going on, spilling of oil or grease on the ground.
8. Operators have to make it sure to lower down the blades, buckets, forks, booms etc. while the equipment is parked or idle and at the minimum trajectory with low speed for clear visibility while moving around in the working site to avoid any accidents.
9. While reversing, the operators have to make it sure to physically look behind, if the view is obstructed to the rear, ask some observer to signal for safe reversing.
10. Operators should make it clear to have any eye contact will all personnel before moving the equipment.
11. All the Operators are required to follow the instructions of the site supervisors/engineers and the designated bunks man. If some operation is not safe inform the concerned person accordingly and assist them with safe idea to fulfill the job.
12. In case of any injury; immediately inform the supervisor and call up the First Aid Team for further assistance.